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Deciduous Trees

Payre Nursery produces numerous species of forest trees: grafted chestnuts, all types of deciduous and fruit tree seedlings as well as ornamental walnut trees.

Our deciduous tree seedlings are adapted to different types of forest product industries:

Intensive silviculture and reforestation, but also polyculture and ornamental plantation. Our nursery, located in L’Albenc, enjoys the benefits of a rich territory, particularly favorable to deciduous tree culture. Our young deciduous trees or ornamental trees are available in pots or bareroot. According to your needs, Payre Nursery offers different sizes, qualities and quantities for all your forestry seedlings. Principally destined for professionals, all our varieties of forestry seedlings are made available at certain times for private individuals. Please don’t hesitate to share details of your project with us.

Payre Nursery is also a specialist in the grafting of deciduous trees.

Grafting of numerous varieties of chestnuts. Grafting of deciduous seedling and all types of hardwoods.

Grafted chestnut nursery

• Bournette
• Belle Épine
• Bouche de Bétizac
• Comballe
• Bouche-Rouge
• Marigoule

Deciduous tree nursery

• American red oak (QRV902 Est)
• Sycamore maple (Franche-Comté)
• Norway maple
• Koster poplar
• Poplar (Soligo, Brenta, Flevo, Triplo, I214, Dortkamp, Raspeig, A4A)
• Cherry (PAV901, France)
• Ash (FEX501, Northern Alps, Jura)
• Forestry chestnut
• Virginia tulip tree
• Truffle oak
• All fruit trees

Ornamental walnut tree nursery

• Purple-leaved walnut
• Red walnut
• Cutleaf walnut
• Bijou
• Pendula

Made in Isère, France

Traceability, and seedling quality

INRA, CTIFL, UE + INFEL certifications

International delivery